Illinois just enacted the most pro-worker, pro-climate energy agenda in the U.S. that:

  • Requires project labor agreements and prevailing wages for utility-scale projects

  • Creates thousands of union jobs and expands apprenticeships for Black and Latinx communities

  • Preserves Illinois’ nuclear plants and protects jobs and communities

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Voices for Climate Jobs

“Building wind turbines has provided my family a roof over our heads, food on the table and a cleaner tomorrow.”

Bob Howard, A Wind Construction Laborer, LIUNA Local 362, Normal, Ill

“The Model T helped create the middle class by providing workers with a pathway to good wages and benefits in a union. I look forward to building the next generation of automobiles in the electric vehicle industry.”

Bob Thompson, A Rivian Press Operator

“Without the state acting, my good-paying job and the progress we’ve made to cut emissions will end as quickly as a flip of a switch.”

Christine Blair, Operating Engineer-Solar Projects, IUOE Local 150, DeKalb, Ill
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