Friday, September 3

“Illinois’ labor community has a long, rich history of taking on and winning tough fights in the interests of working men and women, from advocating for safer working conditions to pressing for better wages and benefits that uplift families and provide greater opportunities for future generations.

As we celebrate this Labor Day, our coalition and our counterparts are taking on the greatest fight of our generation, with the threat of climate change growing every day.

We are convinced that we can win this fight but only if we work together by enacting a comprehensive clean energy bill that puts working people first, that expands opportunities for historically disinvested communities and that creates a just transition for workers in the fossil fuel industry.

We are nearly there.

A deal hinges on a singular albeit complicated issue. Labor has made significant compromises during this process, as have the other parties. We commit to continuing to work through the one remaining difference to reach an agreed bill.

We owe it to our members, to their families and to all future generations to continue this fight until we get it right. Put more simply, we cannot afford to fail. We urge the members of the House of Representatives to take up this bill and get it across the finish line.”